Printemps Musical des Alizés

3 September 2020 Festivals and Moussems

On the Atlantic coast, protected by a magnificent fortress, Essaouira reveals its wonders. Discover its port, its markets, its colors, its Medina. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Essaouira awaits you for a unique experience where engaging evocative music abounds during the unforgettable Printemps Musical des Alizés (Spring Trade Winds Music festival).

Every year at the end of April, the city of Essaouira boasts the finest artists and virtuosos of the moment. Lovers of traditional and newer music, soothed by the magical sounds, share concerts and explore the festival.

Partake in the delights of Morocco's customs and traditions as you mingle with the inhabitants of Essaouira during this time for listening and being conscious of others. You will be entranced by local and international musicians in unison, by the Moroccan Philharmonic choir accompanying the artists in a lyrical fantasy, and the public resonating in harmony.

200 km (125 miles) from Marrakech, young talents and virtuosos coexist in their love for music. Your stay in Essaouira will be a full one; you can enjoy water sports, visit the Sidi Mohamed Ben Allah museum, and chill out to the wonderful sounds of the Printemps Musical des Alizés.