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Morocco's green ressources

Thinking about Morocco, is thinking about a never-ending array of exciting experiences : From beach, to high mountains, to outstanding culture. There’s something for everyone, from green spaces, to forests, to most exotic experiences for adventure lovers. Explore the endless activities and pictureque places !

The Gorge of Tislit

This modern hiking circuit, gives you an immersion in a spectacumar scenery and a dive into the deep-rooted Moroccan culture. Welcome to the Tislit Gorge !

About thirty kilometres from Taliouine, nature offers you enough eye candy to let your imagination run wild. At the entry to the gorges, the inhabitants of the town will shower you with a wide range of souvenirs: local products and Moroccan handicrafts. As you descend into the gorges while following the river bed, volcanic peaks gradually appear to form a wild, unique and resplendent scenery. Stroll the alleys of these gorges and indulge in the wild beauty of these magnificent landscapes. Go for a picnic and have a pure moment of joy !

The Gorge of Tislit

Akchur Waterfall

Chefchouen being an award-winning tourist destination, the Akchour waterfall is not to be outdone. Akchour, the favorite spot for hikers, is full of heavenly landscapes, refreshing waterfalls and trickling water. Bring a camera and set out for the great experience !

After long hours of walking in the picturesque mountain forests, you’ll finally get to the waterfall. For years, climbing the mountains to reach the waterfalls has become a weekend ritual. Families and couples, young or old, go there to walk around and enjoy the coolness of the waterfalls: you can swim, have fun and even find young people singing songs from all over the world.

Your journey to Chefchaouen can’t be complete without a stroll in Akchour !

Akchur Waterfall

Lake Ifni

Another must-to-visit when you’re in Morocco, is the scenic Lake Ifni. At 2000 meters of altitude, at the very bottom of a valley, in the middle of the imposing mountains, you’ll find a paradisiacal place named « lake Ifni ».

As impressive as the landscape of the surrounding mountains, a camping experience is just what you need for a moment of peacefulness.

Mysterious, poetic and lyrical, it takes you on an adventure off the beaten track. If you are tempted by quiet places, with transparent waters and apocalyptic sunsets and sunrises: Lake Ifni is your dream destination.

Exceed your limits, try the mountain climbing experience and enter into symbiosis with nature. Take the opportunity to swim and do some Standing Paddle !

Lake Ifni