Morocco, Land of Football

Tangier, a mythical destination

Tangier, the cosmopolitan city!

In the north of Morocco, on the coasts of Tangier where the Mediterranean and Atlantic waters converge, you’ll discover a unique city bearing a multicultural heritage.

Stroll the streets of « the White »Tangier, they are lined with lime-coated houses. Just like Delacroix or Matisse did their upon arrival, let yourself be carried away by the dreamy atmosphere that covers the city. At the foot of the high walls of the "Kasbah", roam through the alleys of the great "Socco", and admire the fortress that dominates the medina. A little far away, explore the "Sultan's Palace" which is nowaydays dedicated to the arts of Morocco. Tangier is alsos renowned for the Spanish influence on its culture, starting with the arena that stands on the "Plaza de Torros", not to mention the "Cervantes" theatre built in 1913.


Popular in Tangier

  1. The great mosque
  2. The kasbah
  3. Cape Spartel Beach
  4. The Caves of Hercules
  5. Gardens of La Mendoubia

The essentials of Tangier

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