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Discover Morocco by cruise

Take a seat on the boat and get started for an eye-opening experience. Head out to the best stopover by the sea in Morocco, for an unforgettable stay.

Let the cruise take you from the Atlantic coast, leaving the bride of the North, Tangier, towards the very wellknown seaside resort of Agadir.  Dont miss passing through Casablanca, the country's economic capital, but also Safi, the old portuguese city famous for its amazing pottery. Amusement, idleness, historical tours with cultural immersion, shopping… All you need for a sensational stay !

Tick-off something from your bucket list with a breathtaking cruise trip as high as your expectations.

With a mild climate in all seasons, and the surrounding picturesque natural environment, Morocco is unsurprisingly the best place to take a cruise from the main yachting ports, such as Tangier, Casablanca, Safi, and Agadir. Each stopover brings out a unique cultural immersion. Explore every single place while you’re in Morocco.

While the city of Tangier will charm you by its cosmopilitan dimension, Safi is the relaxing but yet a dynamic city where you can admire every single detail. Casablanca coast is a great place to explore on foot and to take photos as night falls. Agadir and surrounding regions charm you with its stunning natural protected sites.

Enjoy the best of the multifaced Morocco with some over-the-top adventures, along with the seasons !

Go on the best cruise experience.

Step 1: Tangier

The Atlantic Ocean

Step 2: Casablanca

Morocco Mall
338 KM 3 h 37 min

Step 3: Safi

 Fortress of Dar el Bahar
243,8 KM 2 h 36 min

Step 4: Agadir-Taghazout

 Panorama of Agadir
314,3 KM 3 h 51 min