Museums and art galleries in Morocco

Delve into Moroccan profuse culture

As you travel through Morocco, you discover a land of art and history. Everywhere, heritage seamlessly blend to form a rich and varied culture preserved by museums and art galleries. Several Moroccan cities brim with with treasures. Enough to fuel up your imagination.

Rabat, a booming metropolis between tradition and modernity

Mohammed VI Museum, a glimpse of a modern world

In Rabat, many institutes are celebrating, as in many Moroccan cities, tradition rituels and new creations. At the Mohammed VI Museum, you’ll discover artefacts of modern artists such as those of Giacometti, exhibited in 2016.

Museum of History and Civilization, on the trail of Morocco

The Museum of History and Civilization reveals the richness of Morocco's long-lasting history, from prehistoric times to the Islamic era. Let your steps guide you through the archaeological discoveries of Volubilis, Thamusida and Banassa.

The Médersa Mérinide of Salé, a Merinids heritage

The remains of the Merinids are spread all over the city of Salé, the Rabat sister city, amongst which the famous Merinid Médersa. It’s both an architectural and historical museum, which symbolizes two fundamental pillars of the culture of this dynasty: architecture and the learning of Islam and science.

The Mohammed VI Museum
Mohammed VI Museum
The Museum of History and Civilization
Museum of History and Civilization
The Médersa Merinide of Salé
The Médersa Merinide of Salé

Marrakech, a multicultural imperial city

Bahia Palace, a masterpiece Moroccan architecture 

Inside the ochre city stands a palace that charms its visitors by its natural beauty. More than a cultural place, the palace is a living brochure of Moroccan Islamic architecture. A masterpiece that combines bright colours, the art of zellige and marble, lush gardens and appealing stories.

Berber Museum, a dive into Amazigh culture

Venture into the Amazigh museum, the former workshop of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent located inside the walls of the Majorelle garden, where emblatic Amazigh artefacts are on display : ornaments, jewelry, costumes and ceremonial utensils.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum, a tribute to the famous couturier

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum is the cultural capital of the Ochre city and pays tribute to the famous couturier who revolutionized the world of fashion. It is an absolute heritage of Yves Saint Laurent as his sketches, creations and photos showcase.

Bahia Palace
Bahia Palace
Berber Museum
The Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Fez, capital of traditional arts and crafts

Batha Museum, a collection of handicraft treasures

A museum of arts and crafts that showcases the traditional crafts of Fez and its region. Located inside the Batha palace, you’ll find precious objects, blue ceramics, carpets, wooden decorations and costumes.

Nejjarine ensemble, wood art on display

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Nejjarine Museum is an exceptional selection of wooden handicrafts. From carpentry tools, musical instruments, to rosaries and weapons, the Nejjarine Museum offer you the masterpieces of craftsmanship of Fez.

Dar Belghazi Museum, a glimpse of Fassi culture

Dar Belghazi is a private museum in Fez that belongs to the Belghazi family. A notable Fassi family famous for having art objects. To get a closer look at the reigning culture in Fez, make a tour to discover the jewels, musical instruments and weapons of the 17th century.

Batha Museum
Batha Museum
The Nejjarine Ensemble
Nejjarine Ensemble
Dar Belghazi Museum
Dar Belghazi Museum

Meknes, Versailles of Morocco

Dar Jamaiï Museum, a Hispano-Moorish style

At the Dar Jamaï Palace, an exhibition of traditional arts and crafts from Meknes takes you on a journey exploring one of the cultural aspects of the imperial city of Meknes. Take time inside the museum and contemplate the outstanding architecture inside.

Borj Bel Kari Museum, to the stunning Rif pottery

Taking its name from the Great Ismaili Wall, the Borj Bel Kari Museum is a living story of Rif and Pre-Rif pottery. The pottery collection displayed takes you to a trip from the prehistoric to the Islamic era.

Meknes Museum, local arts and crafts

The ethnographic museum of Meknes is a perfect showcase of the cultural richness of the city. Unlock the mysteries of traditional arts and crafts : from carpets, costumes, to pottery and decorative objects.

The Dar Jamaï Museum
Dar Jamaï Museum
The Borj Bel Kari Museum
Borj Bel Kari Museum
The Museum of Meknes
Museum of Meknes

Tangier, cradle of Mediterranean culture

kasbah Museum, a seigneurial place

The museum La Kasbah, former Palace of the Sultan, is home to handicrafts from across the country: pottery from Fez, Amazigh kilims, embroidery Chefchaouen ... The decoration is also surprising. The architecture pays tribute to the great know-how of the craftsmen: zellige, plaster and carved wood.

Kilims amazighs

Safi, city of pottery and ceramics

National Museum of Ceramics, home of ceramic treasures

Safi, the capital of pottery and ceramics, is home to the National Museum of Ceramics, which offers a rich collection of pottery and ceramics objects from across the country. These ethnographic and archaeological handicrafts come from several Moroccan museums and are intended for donations.


Laâyoune, a bridge between the desert and the sea

Museum of Laâyoune, a dive into nomadic cultures

In the very south of the country, where the desert borders extend, the museum of Laâyoune symbolizes the nomadic culture with its important collections that are dedicated for Saharan arts. This living collection of culture testifies to the great know-how of the Saharan regions.

Amazigh traditional items