Morocco, Land of Football


haras farm of Bouznika a good place to practice horseback riding Casablanca tourism in morocco

Thrill and spill in the white city

Casablanca, this magical city that overwhelms you in a welcoming world swaying between old traditions and modern life. It offers a never-ending array of attractions for golf lovers, surfers and adventurers.

sport in Casablanca

A paradise of sand and stone

From camel trekking or hiking, to fishing, to mountain biking, take the time to savour intense sporting moments in the city of wonders of its sumptuous scenery.

sport in Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir

visit the moroccan sahara and enjoy the sunshine and activities 4×4
ifrane more snow and more sport and fun in the michlifin sastion in morocco

A unique climate in Ifrane

With a soft atmosphere and pure air, Ifrane, the ecological and sports capital of Morocco, is home to relaxation and well-being. Surrounded by cedar and holm oak forests as far as you can see, it offers you the best hiking adventures.

sport in Ifrane

A never-ending array of activities in Azilal

Are you looking for thrilling activities in Azilal ? Set out for a total change of scenery and quench your thrist for adventure. From rafting, to hiking or paragliding, put on your sports shoes and join the adventurers.

sport in Azilal

beautiful landscape azilal
quad and circuits in the moroccan desert merzouga sun and tourism

Tempting sports in the middle of the desert

Hiking, climbing in the superb gorges of the South, or camel trekking, set out for one of the best sports destinations in the pearl of the desert, Merzouga.

sport in Errachidia-Midelt-Merzouga

A mind-blowing range of sport attractions in El Jadida

Built on nearly 500 hectares, The former Mazagan invites you to a beautiful sporting escape. Head for Mazagan and explore all that the majestic resort has to offer for your sporting stay, from golf, to mountain biking, water sports, to horse riding.

sport in El Jadida-Mazagan

enjoysa beautiful vacation in one of the largest and most beautiful hotels in africa tourism in morocco

Thrill and spill in the city of Wind !

In a temperate climate throughout the year, stroll in front of the sea of Mogador, stroll by bike in its animated streets, while feeling overwhelmed by its magnetic spots.

sport in Essaouira-Mogador

Golf, hiking or water activities in the Strait City

Tangier, the mythical city with its warm colours, is the most bustling city in the kingdom. With the maritime fishing of the oldest activities, it offers a change of scenery that calls for lovers of glof, gliding and hiking from all over the world.

sport in Tangier

riding a horse in the beach of agadir tourism in morocco

In the thick of the lively city

Agadir with its sunny beaches all year round, its ideal temperature for surfers, its fauna, and its valleys suitable for hiking and walking, offers you many breathtaking activities.

sport in Agadir-Taghazout

Hike and thrill at Al Hoceima

AL Hoceima, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, is an unmissable stopover for hikers and surfers. Beaches, caves, and surrounding natural parks, the city has more than one sport to offer for those who eager for adventure.

sport in Al Hoceima

adventure and nautical soprts in al hoceaima city tourism in morocco

Surfing and going for excursions

Bordered by the Atlantic coast, Safi makes its visitors enjoy the sea. Surfers and water sport lovers from all over the world, come in droves to tame its waves and indulge in all forms of water sports.

sport in Safi

A haven for sports addicts

With its picture perfect beaches, Dakhla attracts all gliding sports lovers from all over the world to tame its special waves ; for it's full of potential for practicing all kinds of water sports !

sport in Dakhla

Surfers look for the best waves in morocco
senjoy your summer in saidia city and practice your favorite nautical sport tourism in morocco

Endless sporting activities at the seaside

This picturesque blue setting, visited for a golf, kayaking or surfing experience, offers to sport lovers, an enjoyable discovery journey. Indulge in exciting water activities and enjoy the lush green setting along the golf courses.

sport in Oujda-Saïdia

An active stay for your holidays

Settled in the heartland of the Atlas Mountains, the ochre city bewitch its visitors. Between land and air activities, venture into the untainted beauty of its landscapes.

sport in Marrakech

visit the station of oukaimeden in toubkal National Park and practice the ski
fes royal golf club an exellent place to play golf

What type of activities to do in Fez ?

From golf to horseback riding, Fez, the bustling and colourful medieval city is one of the destinations to enjoy your sports holiday to the fullest.

sport in Fez

Golf and water sports in the Moroccan capital city

renowned for its historical side that has been conserved through centuries, Rabat is also the capital of sports. Gliding sport lovers, swing amateurs, and adventurers come to quench their thirst for thrilling experiences.

sport in Rabat

beautiful landscape in Dar essalm in Rabat

A can’t-miss spot for outdoor activities

On foot, by bike or on a donkey back, indulge in the most enjoyable hiking experience in one of the Kingdom's blue pearls. Extend your stay and explore the various water activities the city has to offer you !

sport in Chefchaouen, the charming bride