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Al Hoceima, a dream mediteranean destination

Al Hoceima, the Mediterranean pearl

Blue waters of the Mediterranean, its gentle, light waves and the coastline that outlines the contours of one of Morocco's most beautiful bays, welcome to the wonderful Al Hoceima ! The place looks like an earthly paradise. On one of its many beaches, you can relax on a deckchair, enjoy the sun during a farniente stay.

Al Hoceima is not only a simple seaside town. Its surroundings has a a lots of treasures that adventure lovers come in droves to explore. Outside the town, near the fishing village of Torres de Alcala, are the ruins of five watchtowers. The Portuguese had built them during their colony. Today, the site offers pleasant walks for all lovers of old stones !

Inside of the city, the port is not to be overlooked. Its edges are animated by the activity of fishermen and it is lovely to stroll there. A little far away, the Moro Viejo cornice offers a magnificent sight, and its bay gives a breathtaking view of the surroundings.  


Popular in Al Hoceima

  1. Al Hoceima National Park
  2. Port Al Hoceima
  3. Beach Cala Bonita
  4. Sfiha Beach
  5. Miramar area

The essentials of Al Hoceima

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