Morocco, Land of Football

Embark for an enveloping wellness break in Morocco

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01 April 2019

The virtues of untouched nature

Do you travel to chase the excitement, to explore, but also to find mindfulness and serenety ? Do you want your business trip to feel like a revitalizing break ? Thermal cures, spas, thalassos, or even anti-ageing care based on prickly pear oil, you couldn’t ask for more in such a promising destination, that offers you an experience of well-being with a complete change of scenery.

Having a pleasant climate, as well as a rich tradition when it comes to body care, beauty and relaxation, it’s not a surprise that Morocco has been ranked 39th in the world, becoming the 2nd most popular destination in the MENA zone after the United Arab Emirates.

Morocco has more than 1785 spas, and 11 thermal springs, mostly located in Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, Casablanca and Tetouan, according to a 2018 study conducted by the Global Wellness Institute at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

Morocco, the land of hospitality

Much more than a simple tradition, Wellness in Morocco is an art of living, that is fed by the deep-rooted traditions. That’s the main reason why the prestigious Parisian brand Dior has chosen Morocco to open an institute in Marrakech. Composed of a subtle blend of culture and tradition, well-being has earned Morocco the prestigious "Africa's Best Spa Destination" Award for the past two years.

The long-lasting tradition of hammams, the originality of care products such as black soap, argan oil and natural clay, are all emblematic symbols of the kingdom. In 2018, a Moroccan hotel was crowned the best luxury wellness hotel in Africa, while another won a series of awards, including the World Luxury Hotel Awards for the most beautiful Spa hotel in Morocco.

Let yourself be tempted by an unparalleled moment of well-being !