Morocco, Land of Football


15 January 2017

Slate grey skies, freezing rain, and perpetual sniffles – that’s Britain for the next few months. The days of long, light evenings, bright blue skies and glorious soul-warming sunshine seem an awfully long time away. But you can reclaim that summer feeling in under four hours with a visit to Morocco.

Average highs in Marrakech between January and March range between 18 and 22°C, while out on the coast at Agadir you can enjoy regular temperatures of around 21°C. Even Tangier, at the northernmost tip of Morocco, hovers between 17 and 19°C. Compare this to London’s 8-11°C and, well, there’s no comparison.

The great sunny weather has plenty of other benefits aside from getting a tan. Make everyone jealous back at the golf club by letting them know that while they’re hacking around in freezing winds playing winter rules, you’re playing on immaculate fairways in short sleeves and enjoying views of the Atlas Mountains. Or how about enjoying days of ice-free riding on a cycling tour? No cold muscles or splashing through icy puddles in Morocco, instead you can ride for miles and miles, either on the flat roads around the towns and cities, or practice your climbing with ascents into the Atlas Mountains.

Of course, even if you don’t want to try anything active, Morocco in the winter is a guaranteed spirit-lifter. As well as enjoying everything that the Kingdom has to offer, from rich culture to relaxing retreats to world-famous cuisine, the infusion of warmth and sunlight is a welcome change from an English winter, with proven health benefits. So why not plan your escape today and enjoy a warmer winter in 2017?