Morocco, Land of Football


Extensive beaches along the Mediterranean

Morocco has an enviable geographic position between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, each of which has its own character and enhances the country's riches.

Go for a walk along the Mediterranean coast – from Tangier to Al Hoceima to Saïdia – for moments of unadulterated pleasure. This coastline is especially generous when it comes to fine sand beaches, intimate coves, nature reserves and, of course, its innumerable picturesque villages.

Relaxation and recreation at one of Morocco's Mediterranean resorts

Strings of beaches, where nature and sports coexist in harmony – thisis what awaits you at any of Morocco's seaside resorts on the Mediterranean. Tangier, among others, is a prized vacation destination that attracts a trendy crowd. For an all-beach experience, drop your bags at Tamuda Bay near Tetouan and join in one of the many water sports on offer, including scuba diving. Extend your sea-themed getaway to Saïdia, the "Blue Pearl of the Mediterranean", and you will not be disappointed.

Whether you want a relaxing or active vacation, the Mediterranean coast in Morocco gives you yet another reason to explore the country's many facets!