Morocco, Land of Football

Medina in Azilal

Azilal, a rich history

Azilal, a rich history

Azilal, a multi-faceted city

Nestled in the center of the country, Azilal is one of Morocco's little-known cities. The roads converge towards this city located halfway between the ocean and the desert. The culture is not to be outdone : Arabs and Amazighs contribute hand-in-hand to the special atmosphere of the place.

Gastronomy is influenced by this crossbreeding that delights well the most demanding gourmets, with a variety of delicious dishes. The craftsmanship is another masterpiece of the region : the wool is being smoothely worked with art, that serves for carpet making, these charming souvenirs.

The rich history of the region is present everywhere in the surrounding area. First there is the earthen granary which was used to preserve crops when they were scarce and when times were short. Then there is a tighermt, a group of fortified buildings, and finally, the remains of fossilized dinosaurs. During the secondary era, these immense reptiles lived in the vicinity of Azilal. Today, the Demnate Nature Reserve is working to preserve their bones and are on display for visitors. Whether you are an amateur or a confirmed paleontologists, don't miss the opportunity of this visit this mystic region !


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