Morocco, Land of Football

Sport in Dakhla

A haven for sports addicts

A haven for sports addicts

Dakhla, the windy city

Dakhla is a must-go place for sliding sports. On the Atlantic coast, under clear skies and sunshine, enjoy the waves and the wind.

In this area, three spots are particularly famous. On the lagoon side, the PK25 beach particularly seduces kiteboarders : here, fair winds carry give you the opportunity to perform your best stunts. A little far away, a sand dune bathing into the sea indicates the most beautiful spot of the surroundings. It is the tip of the dragon, the place not to be missed by all sliding sport lovers. If you are an amateur surfer, the ocean side is the best place for you : the Foum El Bouir beach is the spot where all the surboard lovers are gathering.

In Dakhla, fishing is not to be outdone. On the shore, you can practice surfcasting. You can also rent a zodiac and, in a guide’s company, discover the richest waters in the area.

Standing on a board or with a cane in your hand, in Dakhla, you can indulge your passion in a small corner of paradise ! 

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