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Sport in Ifrane

A unique climate in Ifrane

A unique climate in Ifrane

Keeping active in the city of snow !

For a place with such exciting sports activities in its snow covered peaks, or its trek trails surrounded by huge cedar forests, this little corner of Morocco is the perfect destination.

Located not far from the city of Fez, Ifrane gives you another neighbourly and calm city. On foot or on horseback, go for an exciting hiking experience ! Climb up the trees and admire the unique landscapes of the region. On an ATV or quad bike, explore the countless lake areas it hosts ! And don't forget to put on your skis in winter ! Enjoy the excellent air quality of the Ifrane region for a relaxing and regenerating stay.

A plethora of sports activities await for you in a setting of rich and unexpected landscapes. Between its numerous lakes and waterfalls of untainted beauty, you’ll have the opportunity to blossom in an environment particularly conducive to sporting activities of all kinds.

Hunting passionates, you’ll be able to practice your leisure in the very heart of the largest cedar forest in the world ! Fish or explore by pedal boat the lakes of Daït Aoua, Afenourir or Dayet Hachlaf. For a winter stay, put on skis and go for an amazing experience ! The ski resorts of Michlifen or Jbel Hibri give you the opportunity to take to the snowy slopes, skiing and sledding.

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