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Beach in Safi

Peacefulness by the ocean

Peacefulness by the ocean

The gentle lifestyle of Safi

Bordered by the waves of the Atlantic, Safi is a seaside town where to spend a pleasant stay. The climate is mild, with a generous sunshine. As for the beaches, they are all well adapted to the intensive for good sunbathing.

Lalla Fatna is probably the most famous beach of the city. Boasting a suitable environment with its high cliffs protecting it from the wind, it’s ideally located at the edge of the ocean. You’ll be impressed by the rolling waves that come crashing on the beach and enjoy the technique of surfers sliding on the breakers.

Halfway between Safi and Oualidia, the Cape Beddouza beach is another small paradise. The setting is enchanting : the sunshine strike the surrounding sands and bathe the area in a soft golden light. A few steps away, on a promontory, the lighthouse rises majestically, contributing to the charm of the beach.

Thirty six kilometres south far from Safi, Souiria Lakdima is perhaps the most active beach in the area. Many activities are practiced there such as fishing, hiking and all kinds of water sports.

Expansive beaches and picturesque landscapes in inland areas, it’s hard not to resist the charms of Safi !

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