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Medina in Safi

History and its architectural heritage

History and its architectural heritage

Safi, between culture and activities

High crenellated walls, splendid towers and ancient cannons overlooking the ocean : the architecture of Safi's Kechla is quite impressive. Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, overhanging them, this building gives the impression of being built on the waves. It is the most important remnant of the Portuguese occupation ; elsewhere in the city, the remains of Africa's first Gothic cathedral is also reminiscent of the colonial period.

With a European influence in some ways, Safi is remains a typically Moroccan city. Once in its Medina, let yourself be guided by its aromas and sounds where the atmosphere is quite different, and more lively. Merchants set up their stalls, discuss the prices of carpets, leather and lighting, not forgetting pottery ! Safi is one of the capitals of ceramics and one of its districts is dedicated to the making of terracotta and clay knick-knacks, while a museum celebrates this delicate craft.

While surfers enjoy its waves, culture lovers will also find something to their liking !

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